We at Ippolito Transportation Inc. constantly strive to provide reliable and innovative products to our customers. To continue offering our high-quality reliability, we would like to alert you to changes in Quebec Weight Levels for 2024 based on the Spring Thaw Period starting Monday, March 4, 2024*.

The Quebec Ministry of Transport has issued its regulations for the annual Spring Thaw Period. This restriction is placed by the local authorities to account for the road network’s lower weight-bearing capacity during the annual thaw period. The weight restrictions apply to all truck movement to and from Quebec. To comply with the regulations – Ippolito Transportation Inc. will implement the following maximum acceptable cargo weight restrictions:

Depending on changes in weather conditions, the start and end of the load restriction period can be moved ahead or postponed.  We can load up to 43,500 lbs on a tandem and 51,500 lbs on a tridem for the thaw period, as long as the weight is spread correctly. During thaw periods there is a greater number of road checks. All charges and/or fines will be for the account of the shipper.

Please refer to the below map, should guidance be required on zone geography:

Thaw Zones – Transports et Mobilité durable Québec (gouv.qc.ca)

*Thaw Period Dates are subject to change without any notification and are dependent on weather conditions. Please refer to the Quebec Ministry of Transport for the most up-to-date details:

https://www.transports.gouv.qc.ca/en/camionnage/degel-periode-restrictions-charges/Pages/periode-degel.aspx (English version)

If you need additional details, please send questions to CDNLinehaul@ippolitogroup.com

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