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Ippolito Transportation is an asset-based carrier and full-service logistics provider, specializing in time sensitive and temperature-controlled LTL and TL freight solutions, operating across Canada and the United States. Ippolito Transportation has earned an admirable reputation of Shipping Made Simple!

Asset Based Carrier

Our Story

Ippolito Transportation has been in operation since August 1999. Prior to that, Ippolito Fruit and Produce operated its own fleet of trucks. Since Ippolito’s inception in 1946, there have been many changes, yet the principles that formed the Company’s integrity, family values, and hard work, are still made a priority after decades.

The Ippolito Group is a Canadian, family operated business, working as a grower, packer, and shipper. Its headquarters are stationed in a 114,000 square foot modern, state of the art distribution facility in Burlington Ontario. Ippolito maintains an advanced refrigerated produce processing, storage, and warehousing facility as well as a wholesale facility at the Ontario Food Terminal in Toronto, Ontario. Ippolito has been picking up and delivering our own product for over 50 years, and after gaining a reputation of consistently delivering as a private fleet, the demand for our equipment has grown steadily. Customers desiring the same level of service and professionalism with their own freight began requesting our services. With a growing customer base desiring our ability to do the job right, Ippolito Transportation was initiated. We work to service all of Canada and the United States with our larger number of tractor units and refrigerated trailers.

We strive to be an industry model for safety. We provide LTL, consolidated LTL, & TL transportation services to customers across North America, specializing in time-sensitive, temperature-controlled freight. With over two decades of experience serving our sister Produce Company, we have a thorough understanding of the food industry. Now we apply that knowledge to the benefit of all our customers as we know how to deliver for customers demanding the strictest protocols on quality control and food safety. We are asset-based with a focus on refrigerated equipment and facilities offering maximum flexibility, security, and control. We also do 3PL with a network of longstanding trusted carrier partners. We are experts at moving shipments across the border in both directions.

The Ippolito Group of Companies has gained a great reputation for getting the job done in a professional and efficient manner and we are well positioned to handle all our customers’ needs, no matter the complexity.

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Commitment to Sustainability

Green Initiatives

At Ippolito Transportation we understand the importance of keeping our planet safe for future generation, and our environmental responsibilities today. We have and continue to implement a number of environmental initiatives to accomplish this.
We work hard on reducing our carbon footprint and are proud of our results. As we move forward, we continue to make environmentally conscious decisions in daily operations.

Our Partners


Ippolito Transportation holds a high safety standard both on the road and within our storage and cross-docking facilities.
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Forward-Thinking Mindset


At Ippolito Transportation, we reduce complexity by utilizing the most current and updated technology from start to finish. We accomplish this in three major buckets.

Trip Planning + Optimization

We use industry leading trip planning software to optimize customer freight deliveries and accurately capture all freight details for clean invoicing.

In-Cab Tracking Software

Providing GPS tracking so that we can easily see the whereabouts and progress of every piece of freight we carry. The software also allows deep vehicle and driver monitoring and electronic logging. Coming Soon: Real time load tracking for our customers.

Dock Management Software

Scheduling tool provides visibility to all cross-docking and storage loads. This ensures the final leg of the delivery is efficient and on-time.

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