Our goal is Shipping Made Simple. Reducing shipping complexities for our customers while providing maximum value for specialized in time-sensitive and temperature-controlled LTL and TL freight solutions. To assist all customers, we thought it was a great time to provide our top three tips for shipping.


1 – Provide the maximum lead time

Trucks are booked 3-14 days in advance weekly, depending on the lane. We have seen this trend happening for some time now. Provide the maximum lead time when booking your pick-ups as possible. We understand that last-minute orders will be presented from time to time, that should be the exception.


2 – Large appointment windows

If an appointment time is required, keep the window as wide as possible.


3 – Double check the Bill of Lading

Accurate information is vital for success across the board. From full shipper and consignee address to the LTL count with weight, to the temperature setting needed.


If you have questions along the way, you have a knowledgeable resource in the Ippolito Transportation Logistics Coordinators team. They are highly trained professionals dedicated to responding to your needs and delivering superior value. Via phone at 905.639.1174 or by email LogisticsCoordinatorGroup@ippolitogroup.com


If you need anything sales related, send your details to Ship@ippolitogroup.com

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