One of our goals at Ippolito Transportation is Shipping Made Simple. Reducing shipping complexities for our customers while providing maximum value for specialized in time-sensitive and temperature-controlled LTL and TL freight solutions. To assist all customers, we thought it was a great time to review Bill of Lading details.

What information must be listed on the Bill Of Lading?

All shipments require an accurate Bill of Lading with all pertinent and legal information: Ie. shipper’s and consignee’s full name, address, phone numbers, prepaid/collect or third-party billing, if temperature is required, number of skids/pallets, total weight of the LTL or TL, appointment time, and any special delivery instructions. Option of a declared value, if more coverage than maximum carrier liability can be requested.

Is the Bill Of Lading important?

The Bill of Lading is the legal contract between the customer and the carrier. A bill of lading has three main purposes. First, it is a document of title to the goods described in the bill of lading. Second, it is a receipt for the shipped products. Finally, it represents the agreed terms and conditions for the transportation and eventual release of the shipped goods.

What occurs if there are missing details on the Bill Of Lading?

Any Bill of Lading missing the number of skids/pallets shall be entered as a default pallet count based on information on the Bill of Lading Ie. case or carton details. Any Bill of Lading missing weights of the pallet(s) and shipment shall be entered as a default 300 lbs, this can affect the limitation of liability additional details are available under the Terms and Conditions.

Missing the number of skids/pallets could also result in freight delays, as the carrier is unable to load plan accordingly.

If you have questions along the way, you have a knowledgeable resource in the Ippolito Transportation Logistics Coordinators team. They are highly trained professionals dedicated to responding to your needs and delivering superior value. Via phone at 905.639.1174 or by email

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