Commercial Drivers – Benefits of Walking Daily

Safety Is Everyone’s Concern! At Ippolito Transportation, we live and breathe a safety culture. For Professional Truck Drivers, there are proven benefits to walking 20-minutes each day: Releasing endorphins and other “feel-good” brain chemicals Increasing your confidence Creating opportunities for increased social interaction Providing you with a healthy coping mechanism We hope that the above tips […]

Commercial Drivers – Improve Your Sleep

Safety Is Everyone’s Concern! At Ippolito Transportation, we live and breathe a safety culture.  As a Professional Truck Driver, it can seem difficult while on the road, but there are still adjustments you can make to improve the quality and duration of your sleep. Some tips are: Create a schedule. Schedule meal and sleep breaks, […]

Top 3 Shipping Tips from Ippolito Transportation

Our goal is Shipping Made Simple. Reducing shipping complexities for our customers while providing maximum value for specialized in time-sensitive and temperature-controlled LTL and TL freight solutions. To assist all customers, we thought it was a great time to provide our top three tips for shipping.   1 – Provide the maximum lead time Trucks […]

Drive for Ippolito Transportation

Looking to Drive for Ippolito Transportation? At Ippolito Transportation, our goal is a simple process for Company Driver or Owner Operator.   You can choose the Quick Apply feature, six simple questions then click on Submit. You can also choose to download an application form, complete, and send it back completed. Or you can just […]

Upgrading to OpenDock NOVA

Starting January 24th, all OpenDock users will be redirected to the OpenDock Nova website for appointment requests. OpenDock Nova has the same functionality as OpenDock with a more user-friendly look. You will continue to log in using and your existing Username & Password. If you wish to receive additional detailed training documents please send […]

Healthy Eating as a Professional Truck Driver

Safety Is Everyone’s Concern! We live and breathe a safety culture. Here are some tips for healthy eating as a Professional Truck Drivers: Eating “out of the bag” or package makes it hard to control your portions. Instead, choose an appropriate serving size, plate your food and put away the package. Drink a large glass […]

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