Safety Is Everyone’s Concern! At Ippolito Transportation, live and breath a safety culture. Spring allergies can be particularly challenging for commercial drivers, especially because they spend a lot of time on the road exposed to various allergens. Here are some tips to help alleviate spring allergy symptoms for commercial drivers:

  1. Practice good hygiene: Wash your hands frequently, especially before touching your face, to remove pollen particles that may have collected on your skin.
  2. Consider allergy shots: For severe allergies, allergen immunotherapy (allergy shots) may be an option. Talk to an allergist to see if this treatment is suitable for you.
  3. Take allergy medication: Consult with a healthcare professional about allergy medications that can help alleviate your symptoms. Antihistamines, decongestants, and nasal sprays can provide relief from sneezing, itching, and congestion.**
  4. Keep windows closed: While driving, keep the windows closed to prevent pollen and other allergens from entering the vehicle. Use the air conditioning instead.
  5. Wear sunglasses and a hat: Wearing sunglasses and a hat can help protect your eyes and face from pollen when you need to be outside.
  6. Keep the cabin clean: Regularly clean the interior of your vehicle to remove any pollen or dust that may have accumulated. Vacuuming and wiping down surfaces can help reduce allergen exposure.
  7. Stay informed about pollen counts: Check pollen forecasts regularly and plan your routes accordingly to avoid areas with high pollen levels.
  8. Stay hydrated: Drinking plenty of water can help thin mucus secretions and alleviate congestion caused by allergies.

By implementing these strategies, commercial drivers can better manage their spring allergies and stay focused and comfortable while on the road.

**Experts agree that drivers should not take allergy medicine from a previous year or pick out new medicines without consulting their physician or pharmacist. An annual check-up will provide vital information about weight gain or loss or other changes in a person’s make-up that needs to be taken into consideration before selecting the correct allergy medicine and dosage.

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