Safety Is Everyone’s Concern! We live and breath a safety culture. Here are some fall tips of truck drivers to ensure that you, your truck, your freight and everyone is safer.

1 – Sunglasses

Autumn sunrises and sunsets can be very bright. The amount of sunlight in the daytime also produces so much glare, making it difficult for truckers to see other vehicles and the roadway ahead or around the truck. Wearing sunglasses and putting the sun visors down reduce the glare and the danger associated with it. Keep a pair of sunglasses on your truck and make sure your windshield is clean.

2- Weather changes

As the temperature drops, frosted windshields in the morning can start to occure. Make time to clear frost off your truck’s windshields, wipers, mirrors, and other components before heading out. Frost may also form on the roadways, resulting in a slick driving surface and posing a hazardous driving situation to truckers. On frosty mornings, drive slowly, especially on bridges and overpasses. Also, it is an excellent decision to check the weather forecast and reports before heading out for longhaul runs.

3 -Wildlife

During autumn, wildlife are more active, especially during the dusk or dawn periods. Be on the lookout for other large animals eyeshine caused by the headlights, and when you spot one in front of your truck, don’t swerve as it may jackknife your big rig or cause it to rollover. Drive a bit slower in places where wildlife abounds and is more active, and always keep a watchful eye on both sides of the road.

4- Leaves

Leaves can be extremely problematic as they hit potholes, ice, and other road hazards. If you notice leaf piles of leaves on the road slow down. Drive past the area with caution. Avoid abrupt swerving or braking as it can cause the tires of your truck to slide uncontrollably.

We hope these preventable tips are helpful to you.  If you have feedback and suggestions, send details to

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