Ippolito Transportation, we are fully committed to the safety of our drivers, our employees, the
public, our terminals, the environment, our equipment, and your freight. The summer heat has
begun! We want to make sure that our team is safe all year round. Here are four main summer
tips for truckers.

1. Water
Drinking water can often be overlooked. The summer humidity can cause dehydration. When
on the road be sure to have at least four liters of water when on long trips and to stock up on
beverages that are high in electrolytes!

2. Eye Protection
Be sure to have the right type of sunglasses before heading on the road. Using polarized
sunglasses with high UV protection can strongly reduce the amount of glare from the sun.

3. Sunblock
Even if the windows are up and your air conditioning is on full blast, sunlight shining through
windows can lead to sunburn. A high SPF sunblock kept in the cabin of the truck goes a long

4. Stress Levels
Summer tends to see heavy road traffic, with more RVs and boats. And unfortunately, this added
pressure can lead to road rage. For commercial truck drivers it is important to keep stress levels
in check and low. When you stop at a rest stop or even while you are waiting to be
loaded/unloaded, take the time to enjoy the fresh air and do some stretches.

We hope these preventable tips are helpful to you. Safety Is Everyone’s Concern! If you have
feedback and suggestions, send details to ship@ippolitogroup.com

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